Bambang Pramudyanto

"The idea that the world might be objectively understood and represented using one appropriate perspective has been recently made open to doubt thanks to the digital vision.”

It seems that Dani Cavallaro's opinion might be relevant when reading Bambang Pramudyanto's works that often present a variety of juxtapositions of images in a composition. Made up of texts and images in the form of a juxtaposition of numbers, the formula “E=Mc2” behind a picture of Einstein produced with a photocopy effect, an image of a battle tank, a barcode, and a text reading “make love not war”. And a pen that becomes the foreground, produced realistically by exposing the chromatic stainless steel feature, which made it the most distinct object among the other images in Bambang's work. Bambang Pramudyanto experienced a period of fame with his works exposing cars in almost glossy chromatic stainless steel created for almost ten years. Since 2005 Bambang started producing works that present juxtapositions of images focused on a well known personality, as in this work showing figures such as Einstein and David Beckham.

In the development of contemporary art, realist paintings often emerge by bringing forward contemporary cultural issues. “Realist works that originate from photographic and computer images may be produced with such sensitivity and accuracy that result in a metaphoric language” remarked curator Jim Supangkat. When in the past realist paintings present realities caught by the eyes’ retina, today photo realistic paintings become a representation of a representation of reality. In short, photo realistic paintings show layers of reality; these layers themselves bring new issues forward in the perception of the representation of reality.

Bambang who has worked as a realist painter since the 1980s is aware of the ongoing discourse on realism that is taking place nowadays, which are represented in his works over the last five years. As to the development of his works Bambang relates that as a painter he is always restless, it is demanded of him to incessantly continue his artistic search. A senior artist as Bambang will always attempt to produce something fresh, and continuously up-date himself, which includes absorbing the latest developments in digital technology. And always insert a certain message or meaning in his works, such as the phrase “make love not war” which he chose as the title of his work.





Make love not war
150 x 150 Acrylic on Canvas