Hilman Hendrasyah

Empathy is a feeling that cannot be measured indeed, but artists can represent it through their works of art. This feeling is now being represented by Hilman Hendarsyah in his works; Hillman reveals his worries in the following statement:  
“As living space is taken by human beings, instead of respecting animals as living beings that deserve to be respected and their existence preserved, man has been hunting some of them to provide a momentary benefit. Views about satisfying hobbies, alternative food, market exoticism, prestige of owning something rare and quasi "love" for certain animals, have created a new jargon in providing meaning or tolerance to man's greed.”

To represent this problem Hilman chose reptiles as the subject matter of his works. These include unique reptiles such as iguanas and even crocodiles, or more common species such as snakes, instead of saving them from their lost habitat caused by man's greed who thinks that he owns the sole power of authority over nature. People breed reptiles, even those that start to become rare, as part of their life-style. But on the other hand, people use them as objects providing materials used in garments and accessories which are usually taken from the scaled reptile skin that possesses artistic value. No less important is the meat and certain body parts used by man for consumption, and they are even hunted because of alleged certain special virtues that can enhance vitality.

Hilman subjectively represents this phenomenon  through his work entitled ’Closecrawl #3’ depicting an iguana with his body entwined in a combination of plants and cable wires.  For a moment we would think of transmutated genes brought to us by Hollywood movies showing stories about mutants and cyborgs, about scientific and technological explorations that give birth to a variety of discoveries and inventions. In the author’s opinion, Hilman is presenting comments or expressing his empathy of this ecological phenomenon, in his own unique and subtle language by using an iguana as a metaphor. A reptile from the Australian Galapagos islands with its unique scaled skin and color. Hilman presented it in black and white, meticulously using a drawing pen combined with acrylic colors. It is a piece of visual eco-empathy that Hilman presents through his works.







Closescrowl #3
70 x
150 Mixed Media