Yan Ren kui 嚴仁奎

Yan Renkui, male, born in ZhaoTong of YunNan province in 1979. Now, a professional artist. Yan Renkui’s major exhibitions and activities includes, 2003 China’s third oil painting exhibition, 2004, The Chinese National Art Exhibition, YunNan solo painting exhibition " Replication of memory", 2007 YunNan nominations for young artists exhibition, 2007 image of pleasure, invited by the YunNan Art Association – paint in the country side arts activities, 2008 Ma Yuan cooperatives artists exhibition at the scene, "bound" Red Club Art Exhibition, "Body Anxiety" Yan Ren Kui and ZHANG Xing-Wang group exhibition.



碰壁的快感3 The Wall of Pleasure 3
2007 200 x 230 Oil Canvas