Bobby Ka Ho Sham (Bobpin) is a Hong Kong media and photo artist. He was the vice-chairman of Cattle Depot Artist Village (2003), and the vice-chairman of directors board of Videotage (2003-5). He obtained his BA degree in Graphic Design (Audio-visual) from the School of Design, H K Polytechnic University in 1987. He had two solo exhibitions(1995 and 1998): “BOB-PIN SERIES—a PIN-HOLE PHOTOGRAHY SHOW”; “BOB-PIN SERIES 2.0—VAGUE MEMORIES”. He also worked as a producer of “AFTERHOURS”, a series of mid night video art programs, shown on ATV in the summer of 2002. He was the chairman of organizing committee of “CATTLE DEPOT SUMMER DAYS AND NIGHTS ARTS FESTIVAL”, 2003. Recent work “QUEEN PIER SERIES—Good night!” was shown in the HK Central Library, April 2008. Few huge pieces photo works have been archived by Hong Kong Heritage Museum.


Ordinary People (Hong Kong)--- Dipsy
2008, Digital Print, 74 (H) x 61 (W) cm/132(H) x 110 (W) cm