Gareth Brown is originally from Wales and has been based in HK since 1996, establishing Blow Up Studios soon after. He started his career in the late 80s in London, working on dance music videos for Crunch Productions & Stigma Films. During that time he became increasingly interested in capturing the defining moment of movement through stills photography. As well as dance, his work covers a diverse spectrum of subject matter including fashion, fitness, lifestyle, portraiture and interiors for both local and international clients. He is a member of the HKIPP and AOP. Brown is fascinated by both historical and contemporary HK and seeks to document the changing faces of our land and infrastructures through time. The works cover both urban and rural locales, places that have been created or affected by man. These locations may have historical, cultural or environmental interest or none of the afore-mentioned.



Cha Kwo Ling 1-1
9,Photo, 32 (H) x 48 (W) inches