Li Fan

Li Fan, male, born in 1960, associate professor in the School of Journalism and Communication, Shaanxi Normal University, Shaanxi Province, China. His works has won him more than 17 local and international awards. Since 1999, Li Fan has finished and is still working on his photographic projects of “Ethnical Yi People in LiangShan Mountains” The artist has been visiting Liang Shan on several photographic expeditions. As a photographer, he is using photography to record the difficult survival conditions and the growing process of the children of the Yi People. Most importantly, Li Fan hopes to use the lens to appeal and arouse the attention of the outside world in the hopes that there will be help for these poverty stricken children. Through this photo Expedition, the artist hope to revisit SI Chuan Da Liang Shan adults and children’s condition. Mr. Li Fan has held more than ten photographic exhibitions in China and abroad, and some of his works were sold at the China Huachen Auctions to collectors.





Sports Craze of Children in West China's Countryside