Xiao Xulin was born in Hunan, China in 1979. Graduating from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a major in oil painting, Xiao currently lives in Kunming and Beijing, and works as a professor assistant of oil painting studio in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Yunnan Normal University. In 2006, Xiao has directed an independent movie “Lemon”. In 2007, Xiao started his new series of oil paintings “O2”and the experimental video project “I have something to tell you”.Major exhibitions include: 2006 “The orange contemporary art exhibition” ALAB Loft, Kumming, 2005 “Jiang Hu - Moving images”, 2005 “Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival”, 2004 “Jiang Hu – experimental art exhibition”, 2003 “Chinese Element”, Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Xiao’s creation concerns the character of the image, expression of the context, as well as the meaning of messages in the era of overwhelming information. Everyday, whenever we walk on the street, sit in front of the computer and television monitors, there are over millions of images passing through our eyes, leaving fragmented memory in our mind. War/ traffic accident/ president Mao/ Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi/ monkey king/ prostitute/ cock combat/ dog combat/ three flies …… boring / social/ political/ entertaining/ pornographic…….it is true/ fake/ suspected……The fragments are all captured in the circles of Xiao’s canvas. Original pictures are partly replaced with other images; some of the backgrounds are changed into other scene; some images are put into juxtaposition. This kind of fabricated association not only dispels the meaning of the images, it also arouses the extraordinary interest within themselves. This is the characteristics of Xiao’s thinking in his creation – this is the sensitivity to daily life. Such characteristic provides a different aspect of understanding the Chinese young artists in the new generation.


Stories Encounter 1/ 故事會1
2007, Oil on Canvas, 120 (H) x 120 (W) cm