Yan Ling Xiao(aka Yan Lin Xiao)was born in Dazhou, Sichuan in 1979. He obtained the BFA from the Fine Arts Department of Yunnan Art Institute, China, major in Printmaking. After studied in Yunnan Art Institute, he worked in the team of User Interface in Jinfonet Software Ltd, mainly designing graphical user interface for softwares. Meanwhile he continually joined exhibitions. Later he quit his work and worked as a free-lance artist in MaYuan Artist Cooperative. Now living in Kunming, Yunnan. His printmaking is different from traditional pictorial printmaking, in which he would mix in conceptual element that encourages interaction from audience.


Poem From A Friend - One Day If I leave
2008, Woodcut Prints, 85.5 (H) x 85.5 (W) cm