Edge of Hong Kong (Group Exhibition)

From 26 July, 2007 to
30 August, 2007

Hong Kong developed form a very small fishing village, it experience certain catastrophic events and boost of populations beyond the capacity of its physical and social restriction during the past century. Depending on a self organized and adaptive ways of different individuals or systems instead of a total organized planning, Hong Kong sustains itself and evolves into a major port, an international and regional airport, a financial and business centre, a tourist destination, and other. The city of Hong Kong now is a mass of intricately interlocking subsystems, just barely on the EDGE OF H ong Kong with metabolism of all sizes and rearranging the system just often enough to keep them poised on the edge of the right balance of stability and fluidity. EDGE OF Hong Kong is actually where complex systems go in order to solve a complex task. Five pioneer Hong Kong artists are selected to define the new EDGE of Hong Kong and in their reflection of their work. (Mr. Lui Chun Kwong for his painting works, Mr. Almond Chu for his photographic works, Mr. David Clarke for his photo-slide work, Mr. Woody Lee and Mr. Chow Chun Fai for their paintings) Collectively, they sketch out a faint blueprint of the frontier edge of the Hong Kong art screen in response to the complicity now we Hong Kong experienced. The EDGE of Hong Kong cannot be achieving by a single contributions, it arises from the dance of co evolution. It’s clear that if each individual in the system is allowed a little more freedom to explore different possibilities, EDGE OF CHAOS is the place where we perform creativity and where we can have a glimpse into our future.


Almond Chu 朱德華
Chow Chun Fai 周俊輝
David Clarke 祈大衛
Lui Chun Kwong 呂振光

Mok Yat San 莫一新

Woody Lee 李國泉