KyoSha Mir (SOLO Exhibition by LEE KYO IM)

From 23 November, 2007 to
31 December, 2007


We live in the chronicle of globalization and this brings communication between different regions, breaking of borders and unifying the Global world because of the revolution of traffic and different communication method. The globalization blooms not only between countries, but also between one individual people to another, so that the culture is influencing each other. Many oversea Koreans are looking for their own identity in order to recover the culture and language of their own mother country. Because of this situation, Kyosha lived Russia for a long period of time with her parents due to their occupations. She bought Korean art magazines to read so that she would not easily forget the Korean culture and visited many exhibitions during her vacation in Korea to catch up the trend of Korean art. She is not used to the Korean Culture and has limited knowledge on Korean modern art because the training and education that she received were mainly traditional Russian art. As a result, she cames back to Korea and tries to search her self identity. Certainly, She encountered many chaotic experiences. Nurtured by Russian Culture during her youth which she used to be there, Kyosha felt chaotic when she does not acquaint with Korean Culture. From this, she records herself through paintings to express her self identity as a daily life style of Kyoim.
The doll on her works is the Matryoshka, a traditional Russian doll which symbolizes her self identity. Her works also have surroundings of various patterns and this pattern is the mixture of Russian and Korean Lifestyle patterns. The combination of these patterns from different cultures is the symbolic way of expressing her mixed, complex feelings and thoughts of Russia and Korea, the country where she was born and grew up.                                                                                       
From this solo exhibition of Lee Kyo Im, one can see the complex and twisted emotions between different places, countries and culture, do you also sense the coequal about “One Country, Two Systems Policies”, OR being alienated within a foreign city??