Dream Lingering (SOLO Exhibition by HOU XIAOYI)

From 8 April, 2008 to 30 April, 2008


Within the 15 years, urban china is amazingly developed on its scale, speed and density. Shen Zhen, a city near Hong Kong separated by a river, has been described as a city rising in a night. Accompanying with the wave of Beijing Olympic game in 2008, a chain of architectural projects bidding and designs competitions are open up internationally.  Not only accomplished the people's gratification by the effort behind, the change has also generates a perceptive difference between the physical body and the adjustment with the surrounding environment. When human senses fail to follow the speed of environmental changes, a distance is occurred. It is where human mind immersed area that linger between the present and the past. Perhaps hesitancy makes things confusing and vague... but if you seek for it, a story will be found.


Hou XiaoYi, born in Beijing, started his“Dream-Lingering Childhood”series of creation in 2006. Born in the 1970s, Hou has witnessed the evolution of urban China, “ prosperous development has both lost and gain. What we've gain caught the world's attention, but what we've lost are diminishing silently ”.                                                                       ...................................................        - Hou XiaoYi

In“Dream-Lingering Childhood", Hou intends to waken our nostalgia of traditional way of life. We need the prosperity and efficiency of the modern civilization, but at the same time, we yearn to have the simple and peaceful life in the traditional way. “Dream-Lingering Childhood " is the bridge connecting between tradition and modernity. Hou hopes his work can help people escape from the concrete jungle to the peaceful land, bringing out the sincerity of human quality and return back to the tranquility of nature.